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Susanna Kalnes is an educator with a selfless determination to help others succeed.  She is a fitness Master Trainer and Professional Speaker who has helped thousands of people find inspiration to live healthier and more fulfilled lives.  As a Master Trainer, she "trains the trainers" and has certified countless instructors to teach fitness over the years.

















As a professional speaker, Kalnes inspires and helps individuals looking to achieve greater physical fitness, self-love, and motivation in all aspects of life.  Kalnes' way of connecting with people, showing compassion and relating to others is what draws people to her.  But it is her ability to ask thought-provoking questions, provide guidance, and help people maximize their potential that has helped build her reputation.  


Kalnes has been featured in USA Today, Shape, Yahoo!, countless television stations and more.  Watch the video above to see some of her recent news coverage. 

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